Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

with love.

Dear Hippie Lou
It was so good to see you !
I realize how much I missed you !
Pls read first draft of screenplay and be honest with the feedback !
 With Love
And please if you need my assistance kindly let me know . I would be more then happy to help out !
The world you represent should be protected from the harm and cherished to blossom - Love

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

into the void you have stepped.

apologies for my tardy response and thank you for your beautiful message.

if only you could have been my script-writer, i might have had a
better connection with my mother!

it sounds like something i could have read to her, and can read it to
her even today.  it captures very well a very complicated and tangled
knot of experiences, feelings, thoughts, and dispositions.

to make such a complicated and emotionally charged thing simple and
clear is the work of a spiritual prodigy.  love mixed with patience
and understanding of self and others is an incredible healing balm,
and you administer it with gentle persistence.  i have no doubt that
healing will come to both of you as a result of both your continued

i am reminded of one of my heroes - philippe petit.  into the void you
have stepped, and dancing on the wire you are.  truly!

with all my heart, david/hippie lou

who knows we will SEE !!!

yesssss hahaha they carried wipes in the car and everywhere.

i found this amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing asian lady that does natural hair in NEW YORK CITY !
she cuts hair in its curly state most hair stylist like the one i used to go to until about 2 weeks ago im not going back there last time i went there and left i was not happy but this lady seems amazing. shes expensive a cut in the curly state is 200 dollars but its well worth it if its once every 6 months like twice a year theres only one guy i know on ig that cuts natual hair in its curly state and thats in i believe in LA his name is TheCurlDoctor but this lady is in NYC and shes moving to a new shop soon in NYC her IG is:

and its surprising because people say if your black and have black peoples hair go to black people so this asian lady knows how to cut and style natural hair and to deal with it its not easy its thick and tangles so easily so im gonna grow my hair out a little bit and maybe by next year around this time i will go to her or by December or before that who knows we will SEE !!!

and can you email text me because i dont check my email like that so if you could email text me that would be better :)

ILY 💟 see you soon

hope you're doing well & staying healthy 🙏

wind over the foil.

now i turn my head;
i look to the future;
i have been
looking behind
infinite runway
infinite road
in front
my time now
is to look forward
runway getting short;
pull back
the lever
the wheels are
wind over
the foil
kill devil hills
kitty hawk
all eyes
all energy
for staying
for soaring
for swooping
wing footed
you have boundaries
to cross.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

start here.

a key. a roof over your head.  roommates. communal living.  a coffee shop nearby.

we are so very excited for you and appreciate all that you've done sharing what you've learned and all the support you've given others.

enjoy and bask in what you have accomplished! <3 nancy

Sunday, January 7, 2018

thanks hippie lou! it was awesome you staying here and im grateful for our super cool talks and getting to know you. see you on the flip side!