Saturday, August 19, 2017

overnight with a hippie.

something magical happens when i'm with people, spending the night.

i never know what it is in advance, or even in the moment.  but with hindsight, it often becomes clear.

i'm a big believer in human connection, in encountering people face-to-face; in seeing what magic or mystery might appear, or not.

i do it in my daily life, in the street, as i walk, in the places i visit, with the people who come across my path, as i come across theirs.

at night, i find shelter from the elements a most useful gift, one that is shared with me by many generous people.

this nightly sharing of space, this osmotic hospitality, distributed amongst a large number of people, so as not to unduly burden any one person, allows me to walk the earth by day, energized; sharing freely of my gifts, both tangible and intangible, as others share theirs with me.

these small moments constitute the threads of my life, delicately interwoven with the fabric of the world around me.

would you like to become one of the sharers of overnight space, of shelter from the storm?  would you like to become an incubator of possibility, of magic and mystery?

feel free to drop me a line at hippielou [AT] gmail [DOT] com, or drop by the lazy llama [72 e. 1st street],  lilliput [265 lafayette street], or the music inn [169 w. 4th street].

with kind regards and love always, hippie lou :) xo

Monday, August 14, 2017

un|becoming** 101

this thing of un|becoming, what is it, how is it, why is it?

something full of mystery, to be sure.  about that let there be no doubt.  sometimes delicious, sometimes confounding.  worthy of consideration, perhapsly?

i have a special relationship with un|becoming.  it has been a source of endless fascination in my life.  fascination with my un|becoming, with the un|becoming of others.

i would love to share this fascination, this childlike wonder, with others similarly inclined.

from my perspective, to un|become is to live, truly.

i have a special affinity for people who feel some discomfort in and/or with their life and the world they live in, and are unwilling or unable to ignore that discomfort.

they seek to understand it, and if possible, to remedy it.

they may not be sure where to start or how to go about it.  they are, however, determined in their quest.

or, having perhaps discovered a better fitting, more hospitable and healthier way of being in the world, they are developing a life and a way of living in which they and others can flourish.

i was and am such a person.

in my life, somehow a room appeared.  and a time.  and a day of the week.  and some supporting materials.

a safe space in which to share, to incubate, to encounter; perhaps, ever so slightly, to un|become.

i am reaching out to interested folks.  there are no age restrictions.  there are no pecuniary costs.  there are no prerequisites other than a curiosity, an openness, a desire.

shall we talk?

with kind regards and love always, hippie lou

**un|becoming = unbecoming and/or becoming. :) xo

Thursday, August 10, 2017

We are not famous like them.

From: BRAMSTOCKER Civic Punk
Date: Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 11:04 AM
Subject: How BrAmStOcKeR cancelled the Presidency of Donald TRUMP!
To: Hippie Lou

Hi Hippie Lou:

I invite you this Saturday for the comeback of my band in New York, after many years, for only one song but the song that will succeed to stop the present chaos about Donald TRUMP at the White House!

The Sex Pistols released GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, this is the sequel of it in the United States but this time with a social content: we can cancel this Presidential election and vote again for the Midterm next year in November! By the way, I will be candidate like BON JOVI could be with Kate MOSS on his ticket.

We are not famous like them, me and my wife and associate, Jessie ANDREWS. Consequently, you must support our project that is not-for-profit and sincere! We want an improvement of the American society and an amendment of the Constitution to organize a IVth Reich of the democracy to stop definitely the risk of a continuation of World War II and Nazism that was an ideology dysfunctional with antisemitism.

Regarding BrAmStOcKeR, we were in 1977 victims of a conspiracy that was international against our French band. 40 years later, it is neutralized by the time, our strategy and our talent! You are a part of our network that can decide to upgrade us in order to have in America The Beatles of the 21st Century: an emblematic group playing Metal and House together (Jessie is a DJ and a fashion model) for a concept we promote in our debut album of 12 songs, FAKE PUNK.

Thank you for your time and see you on Saturday (the open mic is at 147 Bleecker Street from 1 to 6, be there for the whole show)!

Frederic VIDAL, PhD

Monday, July 17, 2017

not from a self-help book - just from paying attention.

Some things I have come to over time... Be true. Know the value of authenticity. Lead with your heart. Move through the world with the ease of someone who isn't always looking for something more or better, because it's not where you think it is. (not from a self-help book - just from paying attention.)

I try to remember that I have no idea what most people around me are going through and start from a place of knowing I don't know. It creates a softness where there could have been disapproval or annoyance or hard edges.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I'd like to meet someone that wants to be an active participant in a relationship of our own devising!

I've recently gotten into relationship anarchy, I think a lot of the rules we have about relationships are baseless and potentially harmful. I'd like to meet someone who is a good listener, and a good talker, that wants to be an active participant in a relationship of our own devising! That's not all going to happen on the first date or anything, just something to be aware of.

Except most women including me connect intimacy with their heart.

hi, you have a beautiful, beautiful profile, i especially like your self-summary.  beautifully written and succinctly stated. :)

with kind regards and love always, hippie lou

Yesterday - 8:20pm
Hi, thanks. I liked your profile as well. The answers on your summary were kind of hippie I hope you don't smoke tobacco.

Yesterday - 8:59pm
thanking you very much for your kind words.  i do smoke tobacco, it's something very recent and i don't intend to keep it up for very long.  but i understand having a strong dislike for it; my wife smoked and it bothered me a lot for our entire (19) year marriage.  i often wondered what i was thinking when i was dating her; i guess it wasn't as important then.

i want to be up front as well - i think your profile is clear about you looking for a long-term partner, which i totally respect and understand.  i take my intimate relationships very seriously, and look for deep and wide-ranging connections, but also allow myself the freedom to follow intimacy and love wherever and whenever it presents itself in my life.  for me, it is a necessary condition for sustained health and well-being.  i realize this is not in concert with the preferences of many women on this site, and also in the world as we know it, so i like to be up front about it with those i correspond with so as to minimize the possibility of a misunderstanding.

having said that, you seem like someone i would really like to get to know, but understand if the aforementioned is a deal-breaker.

with kind regards and love always, hippie lou

Yesterday - 9:15pm
Wow, okay, let me gather my thoughts... If you can't be with the one you love, love the one your with? That's pretty much how most guys are, nothing new. Except most women including me connect intimacy with their heart then can and do get hurt!

Today - 1:48am
i realize this approach is not in concert with the preferences of many women on this site, and also in the world as we know it.  i'm not in this life to hurt anyone, it's the last thing i would ever want to do.

Friday, July 14, 2017

I got lost in the confusion of Bipolar I disorder.

Dear David,

I want to apologize for the 'tone' of my conversation last night.

I got lost in the confusion of Bipolar I disorder and forgot that the core of your humanity is love, light & kindness:  a beautiful, amazing man.